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The Hellenic Republic


Bilateral diplomatic relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Hellenic Republic

The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Hellenic Republic (Greece) has been operating since the 16th of April 2004. The Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in the Republic of Azerbaijan was established on the 27th of May 1993.

On the 2nd to the 3rd of February 2016, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic, Nikos Kotzias, paid an official visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Inter-parliamentary relations

The Working Group for Azerbaijan-Greece Inter-Parliamentary Relations has been established and operates in the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The head of the group is Bahruz Maharramov, a member of the Milli Majlis.

There is also a Greek-Azerbaijani friendship group in the Greek Parliament. The group is chaired by Alexandros Avlonitis.


Contractual and legal framework

In total, twenty-four documents were signed between Azerbaijan and Greece.


Economic co-operation

The main part of the trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Greece is energy carriers exported from our country. The trade turnover in non-oil products is only 3%, which consists mainly of non-organic and organic chemicals, fruits and vegetables, gas, energy and liquid meters.

In January-September 2019, Greece accounted for 2.3% of Azerbaijan's total exports of non-oil and gas products (23rd place).
At the same time, SOCAR and Greece's Hellenic Petroleum S.A. and Motor Oil Hellas are cooperating in the supply of crude oil and petroleum products of various origins.

The Greek-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce has been operating since 2012 and has more than 40 active members.
In 2018, a representative office of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company was established in Athens.



Trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Greece

(In thousands of U.S. dollars)






Trade turnover


2020 (January-June)

6 778,05

248 355,98

255 134,03

241 577,93


6 108.63

93 841.51

99 950.14



9 490.44

161 147.15

170 637.59



12 1358

159 548.2

171 684.0



(Millions of U.S. dollars) )







Diplomatic mission

Address of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Hellenic Republic:
13 Marathonodromon str., 15452, P.Psychico, Athens, Greec
Official website:



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