No:532/23, Commentary in response to the statement of Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, on developments in the region

The statement by Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, issued on September 21, on latest developments in the region deliberately distorts all the realities on the ground and is totally inadequate.


Besides this organization has always refrained from condemning almost 30 years of military occupation of Azerbaijan’s sovereign territories, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity against Azerbaijanis, and has never commended Azerbaijan’s actions to bring peace and stability in the region following the 2020-war, taking such a biased approach towards Azerbaijan into the level of a threatening statement is detrimental to peace in our region.  
We once again remind that Azerbaijan’s legitimate measures to eliminate illegal Armenian military forces stationed in its sovereign territories was aimed at preventing further provocations and attacks, and that its allegations about Azerbaijan’s counter-terrorism measures was against the Armenian population was even denied by the Prime Minister of Armenia in its address to the population on September 21.
Open disregard by the EU of a constructive discussions between central Azerbaijan’s authorities and representatives of the Armenian residents held today in Yevlakh that focused on reintegration of the Armenian residents, restoration of infrastructure and organization of activities on the basis of Constitution and laws of Azerbaijan once again attests to narrow political purposes of certain circles within the EU.
With regard to allegations on humanitarian situation, and ensuring rights and security of local Armenian residents, we bring to the attention that as a result of today’s discussion Azerbaijan with support of its international partners as well, will provide necessary help to local Armenians to build better social and humanitarian life, and any interference into Azerbaijan’s actions in this regard would be counterproductive and useless.
Azerbaijan is committed to peace and stability with Armenia, and hope that Azerbaijan’s measures of elimination of the puppet regime and remnants of illegal Armenian military detachments will have a positive impact towards concluding a peace agreement with Armenia.

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