No:485/22, Commentary of the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding acts of vandalism against Azerbaijani graves

In recent days, videos of the destruction of Azerbaijani cemeteries by radical Armenians have been circulated in social networks. These images, where acts of vandalism are committed against the graves of Azerbaijanis with insulting expressions and gravestones are destroyed by trucks, are another clear example of the policy of destroying Azerbaijani heritage carried out by Armenia for many years.


Armenia, in addition to purposefully destroying the historical, cultural and religious heritage of Azerbaijanis who have historically settled in its territory, has also caused unprecedented destruction in Karabakh and surrounding regions, which it has occupied for nearly 30 years, destroyed historical and religious monuments, and committed acts of vandalism against cemeteries, and thereby tried to completely erase the trace of Azerbaijanis in these areas. The facts related to the illegal activities carried out by Armenia, including the acts of urbicide, ecocide and culturicide, of which it is the author, were collected and presented to international organizations.


Armenian population who illegally settled in the territories of Azerbaijan damaged the infrastructure, monuments, and the environment even while leaving the territories of Azerbaijan after the end of the military operations.


So far, no steps have been taken by the relevant authorities of Armenia in the direction of preventing hate crimes and punishing the perpetrators. The reason for this is that the policy of destruction of Azerbaijani heritage is carried out at the state level in Armenia.


It is deeply regrettable that the visit of the UNESCO mission to the region was prevented during the 30-year occupation period by Armenia, and that the visit of the UNESCO mission has not yet taken place due to the destructive position of Armenia, even though Azerbaijan invited the mission to the region after liberating its territories. The circulating videos clearly show why Armenia is not interested in the visit of the international mission to the region.


These acts of vandalism committed by radical Armenians are a blow to the normalization process between the two states in the fragile post-conflict stage.


Large-scale destruction in the liberated areas and the acts of vandalism spread in the form of video images are collected and documented accordingly by Azerbaijan, and appropriate steps are taken so that Armenia is responsible for these acts, including for the caused damage.


The international community should not be silent about the atrocities committed by Armenia not only against the heritage of Azerbaijan, but also against the heritage of humanity.


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