No:221/24, The response by Aykhan Hajizada, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the local media inquiry on the work carried out in the direction of restoring the activities of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Question: During the last few months, in a number of announcements by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and Iran, it was stated that negotiations were held in the direction of restoring the work of our country’s Embassy in Iran. Currently, is there any progress in this direction?


Answer: Following the terrorist attack against our Embassy in January of last year, one of the main directions of the negotiations with the Iranian side was around the issue of full security assurances of the Embassy.


During the last few months, the expectations of our country were conveyed to the opposite side within the framework of contacts and negotiations between the officials and relevant institutions of the two countries, and proper work was carried out with the Iranian side to relocate our Embassy to a new venue that is safer and meets all the requirements necessary for the Embassy.


As a result of carried out work, the new location of the Embassy has already been determined. Currently, appropriate measures are being taken to create the necessary conditions for the Embassy in the said venue and building. After the mentioned works are completed, it is planned to restore the activity of the Embassy in the new venue.

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