No:063/24, Response by Aykhan Hajizada, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the local media inquiry regarding views expressed by Prime Minister of Armenia during the meeting with Armenian community in Munich

Question: On February 18, at a meeting with the Armenian community in Munich, Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia stated, "Since the international community didn’t support Armenia's efforts towards independence of “Garabagh” and the realization of its right to self-determination, we had a conflict not only with Azerbaijan, but also with the international community. However, it was unreasonable.” Prime Minister also pointed out that Azerbaijan had violated the first 8 provisions of the Trilateral Statement. How would you comment on these points?


Answer: Notwithstanding the fact that the meeting between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia held at the initiative of the Chancellor of Germany took place in a constructive and productive atmosphere, as well as the calls for the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, delimitation of borders and a peace treaty, allegations made by Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia misleading the international community are regrettable.


Regarding the Prime Minister's statement that "the international community did not support Garabagh's right to self-determination," it seems that the Prime Minister considers it illogical to continue these claims—not as they are unfounded, but rather because the international community does not support them. Furthermore, this implicitly demonstrates that Armenia's claims are still continuing. In this context, it is necessary to eliminate claims in the Constitution and legislative acts of Armenia against our sovereignty and territorial integrity.


Armenian Prime Minister’s views further demonstrate the importance of international pressure to discourage Armenia from pursuing a stance against international law.


Regarding the claims that Azerbaijan allegedly violated the Trilateral Statement, it is well-known that allegations of Armenia do not have any grounds, contrary to Armenia's obligations, this country did not withdraw its armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan and did not fulfill its obligations to open communications.


Armenia must realize that the only way to ensure stability and peace in the region is to build positive relations with neighboring countries based on recognition and adherence to sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as to engage in constructive dialogue directly with Azerbaijan to establish peace.

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