No:737/23, Commentary of the MFA Spokesperson Aykhan Hajizada regarding EU's Statement related to anti-Azerbaijan allegations  

We vehemently reject the European Union’s (EU) unfounded allegations regarding the detention of “journalists” and “political activists” in Azerbaijan.


Such unsubstantiated and prejudiced statements are viewed as an attempt to undermine the independence of the judiciary of Azerbaijan.


Involvement in the course of the investigation is unacceptable, and interference in the judicial proceedings clashes with the principle of the rule of law, which is the fundamental principle of the legal state.


We note with regret that the EU's indifference to violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms in Armenia, including cases of the deaths in prison of persons arrested as a result of political persecution, as well as oppression of politicians and their family members, are clear cut examples of double standards.


Instead of making such baseless accusations against Azerbaijan, we urge that the EU side concentrate on the human rights violations in the EU member states. The EU is yet to properly investigate and adequately comment on the facts surrounding the death of 12 “yellow vest” protesters in France, the growth in the cases of bribery and corruption inside EU institutions, Islamophobia, and attacks on Muslims.


In light of this, such prejudiced and arbitrary remarks by the EU are seen as intervention in Azerbaijan's domestic affairs.


These unsubstantiated allegations jeopardize the prospects of Azerbaijan-EU cooperation.


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