No:651/23, Commentary in response to groundless accusations against Azerbaijan by Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

The accusations against Azerbaijan, deliberately distorting the realities in the region, voiced by Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, at the press conference in Brussels on November 13, 2023, following the Foreign Affairs Council, are completely inadequate and unacceptable.


Against the backdrop of the European Union's indifference to Armenia's armed aggression against Azerbaijan’s sovereign territories for over 30 years, as well as its refusal to condemn the fact of over 1 million Azerbaijanis becoming internally displaced persons and refugees and the policy of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity targeting Azerbaijanis, this organization’s apparent support toward Armenia and its threathening rhetoric against Azerbaijan are clear examples of its biased policy and double standarts. As it has been demonstrated by the EU External Action Service's hypocritical policies in these and other regions, this organization has fallen victim to its own wrongful actions.


At the same time, the accusations made by the EU representative, who failed to make any effort to persuade Armenia to act in line with the norms and principles of international law, constitute a threat to Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and sovereignty.


Moreover, we would like to emphasize that both the 44-day Patriotic War and the 24-hour anti-terror measures of September of this year were carried out on Azerbaijan's sovereign territory. Azerbaijan has restored its sovereignty by legitimate means within the norms and principles of international law.


Against the backdrop of EU member states facing agressive separatist tendencies, attempts by the EU foreign policy body to incite separatism in the territory of Azerbaijan with regard to our country’s just struggle against existing threats in its sovereign territories are a source of serious concern.


The EU's attempts to supply Armenia with weaponry and thereby support its insidious militarization policy that undermines peace and stability in our region, encourages a policy leading to new confrontations in the region, that lays a responsibility on EU. Plans to employ the European Peace Facility, which, among other areas, implies the buildup of military capabilities, serve to exacerbate tensions in the region.


We stress once more that use of threatening language with Azerbaijan is unacceptable, and any unfriendly conduct will not result in a beneficial outcome and will be effectively responded to.


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