No:646/23, Response by Aykhan Hajizada, MFA Spokesperson, to the inquiry on delivery of military equipment by France to Armenia

Question: There are news about delivery by France of vast amount of “Bastion” multipurpose armored vehicles and related equipment to Armenia. We would like to know what is the reaction of the MFA to this information.


Answer: We strongly condemn the delivery of “Bastion” offensive armored vehicles by France to Armenia.  


Transfer of the mentioned military equipment will serve reinforcing the military capabilities, and thus the destructive actions of Armenia, as a country which kept certain parts of the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the occupation for almost 30 years, and still does not refrain from the aggressive policy and rhetorics. 


These steps by France, which presents itself as an advocate of international law and a country supporting peace and stability in the region, puts under serious question the efforts for normalization of relations based on the respect for and recognition of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and international borders of countries in the region, thus serving to destabilization of the situation. 


Against the backdrop of smearing campaign and destructive actions by France against Azerbaijan in the region, these steps, which adds to the militarization policy of Armenia, attests to the fact of France’s erroneous interests in the region. 


Armenia and France should end armament and militarization policy in the region, and finally understand that there is no alternative to peace and stability in the region. 


We call upon the international community to refrain from delivering weapons and creating conditions for such a delivery to Armenia, which is known as a country with its aggressive policy and actions, and to end and condemn such illegitimate activities that prevents the establishment of peace and prosperity in the region.

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