No:590/23, Commentary on the Resolution 2517 (2023) and the Recommendation 2260 (2023) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

We resolutely reject and strongly condemn the Resolution 2517 (2023) and the Recommendation 2260 (2023) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) dated 12 October, 2023.


This institution on another occasion fails to display unbiased approach in relation to Azerbaijan. Instead of welcoming the measures carried out by Azerbaijan to eradicate the major threat to its security and territorial integrity emanating from Armenia’s separatist regime and illegal Armenian armed forces in its territory, the PACE continues to demonstrate an approach based on groundless rumors and insidious policy of certain countries in our region aimed at denigrating Azerbaijan.


These papers while clearly contradicting core decisions and documents of the Council of Europe, which reaffirm commitments to the norms and principles of international law, especially on respect to the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all member States within their internationally recognized borders, embolden Armenian aggression and revanchism against Azerbaijan.


Distorted presentation of the events leading to the local 24-hours counter-terrorism measures, and disregard of Azerbaijan’s respect to humanitarian law and necessary precautions to avoid any violation of the human rights of the local civilian residents of Armenian origin, that were positively assessed by two UN missions to the region and the UNHCR in Armenia confirming the absence of any use of violence by Azerbaijan, demonstrates long-lasting predisposition against Azerbaijan within the PACE.


Moreover, the PACE’s baseless claims on movement through the Lachin road for the last ten months, and misinterpretation of related decisions of the International Court of Justice, while disregarding its Order of July 6, 2023 that unanimously rejected Armenia’s claims on the operation of the Lachin border checkpoint, is unacceptable. Furthermore, the failure to shed the light on the fate of close to 4000 missing Azerbaijanis, landmine threat that raised the toll of victims to 333 since 44-days War, and extent of the devastation registered in the formerly occupied Azerbaijani territories is deeply concerning.


Slanderous and outrageous arguments about the voluntary relocation of Armenian residents of the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan, while turning a blind eye for almost 30 years of violation of human rights of Azerbaijani IDPs, and the ethnic Azerbaijani refugees forcibly expelled from Armenia is an open breach of related human rights obligations by this institution. The PACE while defending the rights of ethnic Armenians from non-existent threats, ignores appeals of restoring rights and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia.


The PACE has to cease unreasonable and biased steps against Azerbaijan that undermine the prospects of peace efforts between Azerbaijan and Armenia. At the same time, short-sighted attempts to use the Council of Europe mechanisms against Azerbaijan are completely counterproductive, and they can’t undermine Azerbaijan’s determination to continue acting on securing lasting peace in the region and furthering the reintegration plans regarding the local Armenian residents of the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan.   



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