No:140/21, Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Statement by President of the United States of America on Armenian Remembrance Day 

It is unfortunate that the statement by US President Joe Biden on Armenian Remembrance Day, distorted the historical facts about the events of 1915.

Those who politicize the so-called "Armenian genocide" are silent on the massacre of more than 500,000 people by Armenian armed groups at that time, as well as the massacres committed by Armenian Dashnaks in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan in March 1918.

While misrepresenting the events that happened 100 years ago, the failure to give a fair assessment of the genocide committed by Armenia against Azerbaijanis in Khojaly 30 years ago is an example of bias and double standards.

The events of 1915 should be studied by historians, not politicians. However, as it is known, Armenia, which wants to cover up the events and try to portray itself as an oppressed country, did not accept Türkiye's proposal to investigate the events of that period by a joint historical commission.

The falsification of history, attempts to "rewrite history" and its use for political pressure are unacceptable.

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