No:128/20, The Head of the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Leyla Abdullayeva answers the question of the media

Question: Yesterday, commenting on the anti-Armenian statements of Azerbaijan, the Armenian Foreign Ministry claimed that it was dangerous for Armenia and the region. Can we have your opinion on this issue?

Answer: The latest statements and actions by the leadership of Armenia needs a special comment. The leadership of this aggressor country, instead of eliminating the consequences of the war launched by Armenia, is strengthening the occupation of the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan, violating the rights of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons. This indicates that those at the head of the country not only don’t realize their responsibility, but are also indifferent to the future of their own country and its population.

Armenia, a country which bears full responsibility for the murder of thousands of civilians, destroyed lives and violated rights of hundreds of thousands of people, a gross violation of its international obligations, and the responsibility of which has been endorsed by the unequivocal position of the international community condemning the occupation of the Azerbaijani territories, as well as by the relevant judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, has no moral right to speak about the law, about human rights or democracy, and moreover, read notations to others.

Experience shows that when the Armenian side has no more arguments and nothing to say, it resorts to the topic of “anti-Armenian sentiments” in Azerbaijan. However, the leadership of the aggressor country, which pretends not to see that the primary reason of this discord between the two peoples of the region is the groundless territorial claims and the aggressive policy of Armenia, does not take any steps to eliminate the consequences of this hostility and conflict, conducts a blind policy, far from reality, pragmatism and constructivism. As a result of this policy, first of all, Armenia may face serious consequences.

If the leadership of Armenia thinks indeed about peace and security in the region, as voiced in the official statements of Yerevan, then it should withdraw its occupying forces from the territory of Azerbaijan and prepare its population for peace. Political will should be demonstrated with concrete results achieved at the negotiating table. Because the patience of Azerbaijan and international mediators are not unlimited.

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