No:054/20, Head of the Press Service Department of the MFA of the Republic of Azerbaijan answers the question of media

Question: The Foreign Ministry of Armenia, making another commentary, voiced again accusations against Azerbaijan on issues of history and democracy. What can you say in this regard?


Response: The Armenian side has no right to blame Azerbaijan on issues of history and democracy. This is the limit of cynicism and hypocrisy. A country on the conscience of which the innocent death of tens of thousands of civilians, including the Khojaly massacre, as well as hundreds of thousands of ruined fates, in connection with its armed aggression and bloody ethnic cleansing, holding for decades under military occupation 1/5 of the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan and which doesn’t allow people to return to their territories of original from where they have been forcefully expelled, has neither moral nor legal grounds to speak about democracy and human rights. The international community is well aware of the flagrant violations of the fundamental norms of international humanitarian law by Armenia and its numerous international obligations, not to mention the need to implement the well-known UN Security Council resolutions.

Regarding the lack of a respectful tone in what the Armenian Foreign Ministry is trying to convict us, we would like to emphasize that our tone will be respectful if the opposite side is worthy of respect and a serious subject.

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