Media accreditation
Media accreditation
Photo requirements

The photo you provide during the media accreditation application is printed on your media accreditation card.


Therefore, it is important to carefully follow these requirements when choosing or taking a photo for your application.


  • Photo must be taken with a plain, white, and non-reflective background;

  • Photo must be colored;

  • Photo dimensions must be as follows: 3x4 cm (1.18 in. x 1.57 in.), with the minimal resolution of 354 x 472 pixels and picture quality above 300 dpi;

  • Photo must be taken in the last 6 months in order to reflect the current appearance of the applicant.


Photos must be in the standard document photo layout and meet the following requirements:


  • Applicant’s facial expression must be neutral;

  • Applicant’s photo be taken with a full-face view with the applicant directly facing the camera 


You can use this form as a reference.


Attention: Submitting photos that fail to fulfill the requirements listed above may cause the accreditation procedure to be delayed.

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