Human Rights

General information on human rights

Protection and promotion of human rights and fundamentals freedoms are one of the main priorities of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It should be noted that the “National Plan of Action for More Effective Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms in the Republic of Azerbaijan” remains an integral part of the continued activities related to protecting human rights and freedoms in the country and includes, inter alia, improvements to the legislative and regulatory framework.

Azerbaijan is committed to the principles of the universality, interdependence and indivisibility of all human rights and fundamental freedoms. With the country’s international commitments in mind, national legislation is constantly being improved and brought into line with international standards, including with regard to the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms. The recommendations of the international organizations and mechanisms are also taken into account in the process of improving legislation.

Our country has been cooperating with international partners such as UN Human Rights Council and UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Council of Europe, OSCE and European Union to effectively protect and promote the human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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