Countries applying the visa-free regime
At present in accordance with bilateral intergovernmental agreements, a visa-free regime is being applied on the basis of reciprocity between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the following countries:

I group
  • Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the relevant foreign country holding diplomatic or service (or official/special) passport

The list

II group

Countries with a visa-free regime for:

  • Citizens holding any type of valid passport giving a right to cross a border in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and relevant foreign country – as well as diplomatic, service (or official/special) or regular passport;
  • Also, citizens traveling with these persons, but not holding a valid passport, and whose photo, name, surname, patronymic officially indicated in their passports;
  • Stateless persons having relevant identification document that is given to especially stateless persons by the government bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan or by the relevant foreign country for border crossing purposes;
  • Citizens and stateless persons holding temporary border crossing documents – repatriation certificate given to persons when the passport is lost, stolen, became worthless or validity period is expired for only to return for a short period to the country which is the citizen of or where he/she lives permanently.


Name of country

Period of visa-free stay between two countries


Republic of Belarus

90 days



90 days


Republic of Kazakhstan

90 days


Kyrgyz Republic

90 days


Republic of Moldova

90 days


Republic of Uzbekistan

90 days


Russian Federation

90 days


Republic of Tajikistan

90 days



90 days



30 days


III group

Meanwhile, visa-free regime is being applied at present for the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan holding regular passports, on a unilateral basis within relevant period by the following countries:


Name of the country

Period of visa-free stay in its territory



15 days



90 days

3. North Macedonia
(from September16, 2019,
till March 15, 2020)
90 days
4. Montenegro 90 days
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina 90 days
6. Albania 90 days